Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bryce Atkinson

Former BYU linebacker, Bryce Atkinson, recently shared his struggle with addiction to prescription painkillers and narcotics in a recent story in the DMN. While I certainly feel bad for Atkinson, I find it ridiculous that he and his father are blaming BYU for his struggles. If BYU is to blame, Bryce, then how did your freaking wife get hooked to heroin with you? This isn't rocket science dude, you have an addictive personality, and you have a hard time controlling your addictions. I apologize and I empathize, but the onus is on you, and not your doctors for trying to keep you out of pain.

Good luck with your recovery, and you know, try not to obtain narcotics with intent to distribute anymore....it never looks good on a Resume.

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