Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brokeback Mountain

Kudos to Phil Jackson for making a comment that our left-leaning "friends" in this world would take offense to. After being asked if "penetration" was what caused the Lakers' loss, the quick-witted coach responded, "we call this a Brokeback Mountain game because there is a lot of penetration and kickbacks." Hillarious.

And why does the NBA think it is the spokesperson for the Rainbow Coalition? Seriously, when Tim Hardaway was HONEST and said he didn't like gay people, the freaking NBA blacklisted him from the All-Star game. Now, the NBA's Bryan McIntyre comes out again and "reprimands" Jackson (as in McIntyre is telling Jackson, "you've been a very naughty boy." I realize that with the WNBA comes a lot of fans who put from the rough, but there is no need to freak out evertime someone says something that 70% of the population agrees with. It's funny. I'm a fat guy, I tell fat jokes all the time. I don't run to the ACLU everytime I hear a fat joke. Lighten up NBA, or else people are going to start wondering why Bryan McIntyre is on the "Re-Elect Larry Craig" committee.

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