Thursday, February 21, 2008

Man-pris and Manny

Okay, so, I freaking love Manny Ramirez. There is probably no player in the world who can pull all the crap he's pulled in Boston and still be beloved by the fans (because it is just "Manny being Manny"), but my loyalties can only go so far.

Yesterday Manny rolled into town in a White Escalade (which is dope, even if it is the car of choice for soccer moms in Bel-Aire), on time, and from what has been said elsewhere, in great shape. So, why am I so disgusted with Manny? This is why: the dude rolled up in manpris (capris worn by men).

I've spent the last 24 month mocking Rafael Nadal for being the most sexually confused tennis player in the world based solely on his inexplicable donning of the most effeminate below-the-waste apparel known to man. Manny, please, ditch the manpris. Next thing you know you'll be wearing face moisturizer and picking your ass as part of your pre-serve routine (referencing Nadal).

For the love of all holy, go to Sports Authority, go the the men's department, and buy some freaking Addidas short (with some manly UnderArmour for good measure).

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