Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hate Trent Plaisted

1. Because he sucks, but not in the same way in which [insert name of any 3rd string NBA player] sucks. Plaisted sucks because every once in a while he actually shows up to a game, gets tough, makes tough shots, plays adequate (but never good) defense. And then there are games like th final of the MWC tourney. In addition to being in foul trouble (and committing a few very chicken shit fouls), the moron couldn't seem to get position on guys who were 4 inches shorter than he. Plaisted, use your 6'11'' frame and do something with it. Hit the weights. Learn to post up somewhere within 14 feet, even if the guy is (SHOCK!) trying to defend you.

2. Because he has no jumper. Seriously folks, Plaisted's foul shot is not all that different than Shaq's. The principle difference is that Plaisted uses two hands and has a slightly higher percentage. C'mon're not Shaq. You can't post; you can't dominate in the post. So keep those hosers honest by developing a nice little J. Joe Klein made a respectable NBA career out of a 20-foot J. You can do it.

3. Because he entertained, even if for a moment, opting out of his Sr. year for the NBA draft. No, the Portland Trailblazers were not calling, but I'm sure the Athens Petros of the Greek B League will. YOU ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO NBA TALENT. Not even close.

4. Because he is ugly. Butt Ugly. He reminds me of an honor-code-keeping Tim Frost (no, I'm not referring to my asshole cousing Tim Frost, but the former Utah Ewete's center).

5. Because despite his almost unfettered potential, he will fail to develop the Cajones to get the Cougs to the round of 32 this year. One and done (almost sounds like Plaisted's stat line against the Rebels last week).

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