Friday, April 20, 2007

The Most Important of Questions

Mr. Romney was in Iowa City, IA this afternoon campaigning for the Presidency.
After many people asked him questions on foreign policy, illegal immigration, and tax cuts, I could no longer resist....I had to ask him the mother of all questions:

GOVERNOR ROMNEY ARE YOU STILL A SOX FAN? To which he replied, "Go Sox!"

My vote is no longer up for grabs ladies and gents....and people say he flip-flops....


Bob said...

I move to strike that question from the record. Not flip flopping? In an interview with Romney just hours later, Donna Mendelson of Fox News asked Romney, "It was overheard at a meeting with Iowa law students that you said 'Go Sox'. Are you now claiming to be backing the Red Sox?". Romney said, and I quote, "I actually did support the Sox, before I didn't support the Sox...but who's to say that I don't just love tube socks?".

Not a flip-flopper? You be the judge.

Austin said...

At least he doesn't wear tube socks with flip-flops...that is so 1983.

Bob said...'re good. However, didn't you still wear socks with your flip-flops as late as the year 2000?