Monday, April 16, 2007

Scutaro needs some chin music

So, Mariano Rivera is a guy who is easy to hate, especially if you're a Red Sox fan. But, as much as it kills me to say, the man is a class act. When I say "class act," I don't mean "Derek Jeter" class act, but more like Jason Varitek class act. He's not flashy, but he works hard and get's his job done (too well, in my opinion).

So, even a blind dog finds a bone, and so it was that Marco Scutaro hit a walk off dinger of the Sandman himself yesterday. Mo isn't about sour grapes, I'm sure he took the defeat in stride. However, Scutaro ticked me off. I understand watching the ball to see if it is fair or foul, but even after the little dweeb knocked the ball out, it took him a good five seconds to round first.

Lucky for Scutaro, Mo doesn't bean people. But if he did (and I would do it if I was the Sandman), Scutaro's victory dance would be accompanied by some chin music the next time I faced him. Luckily, Mariano Rivera is too classy (and good) to resort to Clemens-like antics.


Bob said...

I have made your page a favorite tab so I can read gems like calling Scutaro a "little dweeb".

Austin said...

Why don't you get "Lost" Bob???

Here's to manly SPORTS blogs!!

Watch yourself, my next post will be about my bloddy nipple.