Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sox Slay Halladay

Okay...not really. But, anytime Julian Tavarez starts and we win, I'm pretty happy...especially if it is against Doc Halladay (who, FYI, is a non-practicing Mormon for those interested in that type of thing).

I can't help but wonder if Blue Jays management is ragin' ticked that Halladay came out in order to bring a lefty in to face Big Papi David Ortiz. By the numbers it should work out great (in deed Ortiz struck out on a 3-2 pitch)...but that move eventually cost the Jays the game. It also accentuates a reason why I love the Sox' lineup this year.
After two righties at the start of the lineup (wouldn't it be nice if CoCo Crisp, a switch hitter, could get his stuff together) is goes Papi (L), Manny (R), Drew (L), Mikey Lowell (R), Varitek (S). For the love of all holy that screws with the opposing manager's mind. I'm sure Gibbons was thinking, "Manny has grounded out 3 times and is batting sub-.200, I'll bring in the left for Papi and Drew, then bring in a righty (if needed) for Lowell.
All I gosta say is Manny went yard. Sox Win.

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